Sunday, January 17, 2010

IF : Week One

Finished my first week of intermittent fasting. Felt good right from the first day, but on day 3 I had my one and only bout of (very) temporary lightheadedness/brain fog. Came during a weight workout, between sets. Didn't prevent me from working out. I just ate some protein and proceeded with caution. Completed the workout fairly normally.

However, the next day I felt like I had a rocket pack strapped to my butt. My energy level soared and has remained consistently high. Used to take mid-afternoon naps on the weekends before IF. Not anymore. No longer need to. Plus, I'm never hungry. I eat because I'm in my "eating window". And when I do eat, I really enjoy my food and eat slowly without trying. This is a major accomplishment, because I used to be the "fastest fork in the West", anticipating the next bite even before the first one had been gobbled down. And I'm burning off weight: 1.5 pounds this week. Oh yeah, my food bill for the week is about 30% less, too.

IF has been a smashing success on all counts. To be continued most definitely.

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