Friday, November 27, 2009

Changing Focus

Now that my heel tendons are healthy again, I'm shifting my training focus more toward running. I'd like to run a half-marathon this summer, so running is taking center stage. Heavyhands is still very important, but I'll only be doing it on my days off from running. So, it's 3-4 days of running and 2 days of Heavyhands and 1-2 rest days. I find running improves my HH performance. And HH is a good break from running. Really works my upper body in a way traditional weight training can't even approach.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Going Low Carb. . .Again

I've known all about the benefits of low-carbing for many, many years. Read the major books. Even went on the diet more than a few times. Every time I did, I met with success. I felt better, my skin looked better and most important, fat melted away like morning dew.

So why did I go off? Well, I like a little pasta, pizza and alcohol from time to time (read: every day). While cheating once in awhile didn't do me any harm, it wasn't long before I'd fall off the wagon. I rationalized that since I was doing lots of exercise (running mainly) I could eat anything. Not so. Maybe others can, but I have a persistent layer of bodyfat that no amount of traditional dieting will get rid of. My face stays round and I look as slick as a seal. With traditional dieting the fat layer shrinks, but never goes away (see recent picture below). Except with low carb living. Fat burns off, my abs come out and I find I have cheek and jawbones.

Why am I going back to low carb? I'm tired of exercising like mad and not losing all the fat I want. It's especially galling when I remember that several years ago, I was exercising less and was losing fat like mad. That was due to low carb eating at the time.

So I'm back to Low Carb Living. This time for good.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Achilles Heel Healed

Finally getting back into regular running. Ran 43 minutes the other day with no pain (with walk breaks). No stiffness or pain the following morning, either. So I think the worst is over. However, I'm remaining cautious and will continue non-Heavyhands running only once a week.

Although it's been a couple of months since I've run regularly, last week's run was absolutely normal. Like I'd never quit. Once again, Heavyhands has shown its value for injured runners.

At the end of November, I'll start running longer in preparation for a half-marathon I'm planning to do in the spring.