Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009: Taking Stock

The Ideal Physique

Year's end is a natural time to assess the past year and plan for the coming one. Considering my goals, I didn't do too badly in 2009.

During the past year, my focus was mainly on basic fitness and staying trim. I concentrated on running, Heavyhands and eating less. The eating less part was the most difficult, but I eventually got used to smaller portions--and a smaller waistline.

As it stands today, I'm in pretty good physical condition. In comparison to the average person my age, I'm in excellent shape: flat stomach, ability to run 6 miles or more and a generally pleasing physique.

However, it is far from ideal. While I'm satisfied with my endurance, my physique could stand improvement. Even though I'm slim by "normal" standards, I'm carrying too much fat. My abs are developed, but hidden under a glazing of fat. And while I'm not puny, I'd still like a little extra muscle development.

So the program for 2010 is to lose fat, build some muscle and maintain or improve endurance. Who knows, I may end up looking like a Greek statue by this time next year.

New workout schedule : 2010

Would like to add a bit of muscle, so I'm including some strength training in the workout program for 2010.

MON  Heavyhands
TUE    Strength training 
WED  Aikido
THU  (am) Strength training (pm) Heavyhands
FRI   Aikido
SAT   (am) Strength training (pm) Heavyhands 
SUN  Rest

Friday, December 11, 2009

A change is as good as a rest...

Last month I started running a bit more. Okay, fine. But this month I got it into my head to start Aikido training again. That takes up 2 nights a week. The nights I used to run. So I'm running less. However, I'm getting in more Heavyhands. Go figure. Seems that I'm back doing the exercise I most enjoy: Heavyhands. I'm still running, but with Aikido, biking and HH, I only get one run a week at the most. That's enough for the time being.