Friday, July 2, 2010

Still faithfully working out

But not with Heavyhands, at least for a while. Got injured running, so I just got back into that about 3 weeks ago. The big news is I've started training in gymnastics. Been about 4 months now. It's absolutely great. Grabs the muscles down deep for a fantastic workout.

Having a blast doing handstands, L-sits, V-sits, front levers, wall climbers, etc. And my body has changed accordingly. Like the coach at Gymnastic Bodies says, "You have to train like a gymnast to look like a gymnast." Thanks to my 4-5 days a week training schedule, I'm beginning to look the part. And did I mention gymnastics builds tremendous overall strength? Mine has definitely improved...and without lifting weights.

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  1. Dear Paul, a question from someone on a similar quest.

    Have you encountered intense elbow pain/possible tendonitis from heavyhands like routines, and if so can you suggest form changes you were able to make to overcome the problem?

    Thanks, and best of success